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Report of a Roundtable Workshop: Strategies for the Implementation of a Union Government of Africa

"The workshop participants agree that the union government must be a union of the African people and not merely a union of states and governments. It must furthermore be based on shared values drawn from both African culture and African societies, …

Do the COMESA, EAC and SADC Migration Regimes Fall within the Framework of the Tripartite Free Trade Area

Historically, Africa has experienced numerous voluntary and forced migratory movements. Factors driving migration include deteriorating political climates in some countries, characterised by armed conflict and insecurity, and poor economic condition…

Unscrambling Subsidiarity in the African Union: From Competition to Collaboration

Subsidiarity is a political concept that prioritises the role of local actors over those further removed from the situation at hand. Although unclear, the principle has been used in Africa to justify why regional bodies should take the lead in respo…

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