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Peacemaking and democracy in Southern Africa: An American View

This article describes peacemaking and democracy in Southern Africa from an American point of view. It places South Africa into the global context of recent changes in the world, states the grounds for optimism in Southern Africa, and lists dynamic …

From swords to ploughshares?: Structural adjustment programmes and regional security in Southern Africa

"This paper contends that the vigour demonstrated by the World Bank and IMF to implement structural adjustment policies has allowed them significant involvement in the domestic and political affairs of these countries. Therefore an inquiry into the…

L’évaluation d’Impact pour l’Efficacité des Politiques de Développement en Afrique / The Impact Assessment for the Effectiveness of Development Policies in Africa

Impact assessment of development projects and programs is an increasingly popular exercise in developing countries, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa. Among other explanatory factors, there is the scarcity of resources allocated to developmen…

Regard sur la Coopération entre le Cameroun et les Institutions Financières Africaines / A Review on Cooperation between Cameroon and African Financial Institutions

Cameroon is one of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa which is the least dependent on external aid and the intervention strategies of the development partners here in Cameroon are generally aligned with the Government's national priorities as set o…

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