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Regional Co-operation in the Telecommunications Sector via CRASA

"This case study examines the telecommunications sector in Southern Africa and the role that the Communications Regulators’ Association Southern Africa (CRASA)1 plays in encouraging policy harmonisation between member states of the Southern African …

Water Governance and International Co-operation: Lessons from the Cubango-Okavango River System

"International co-operation on trans-boundary water systems has become an increasingly important norm in natural resource management, especially as climate change and population growth place growing pressure on the global water sector. The Permanent…

Co-operation in Southern Africa: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

"The establishment of international and/or regional co-operation is characterised by multi-speed process. The international economic and political order has for the best part of the last three decades been engaged in a process of transition towards …

International Perspectives: Extracts from Addresses by Deputy-President Thabo Mbeki, His Excellency Salim Ahmed Salim, His Excellency Foreign Minister J D Barroso, the Right Honourable Lord Carrington

Thabo Mbeki in his address on Foreign Policy in a new democratic South Africa talks about the Freedom Charter and the principles underlying the country's foreign relations. Salim Salim in his speech highlights the transition to democracy in South Af…

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