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EISA Observer Mission Report D R Congo The 2005 Constitutional Referendum in the DRC 18-19 December 2005

"This report outlines the EISA Observer Mission's assessment, findings and analysis of the referendum process in all its phases, specifically the pre-polling, polling and counting phases, as well as the post-referendum phase that includes the announ…

Referenda in Seychelles and Madagascar: The run up to presidential elections

This report discusses the run-up to elections in the Seychelles and Madagascar. By the end of 1992, both states will have new governments where they have to accommodate an opposition movement in contrast to a single ruling party. In the Seychelle…

Negotiating Sudan’s North-South Future

"Sudan’s fragile Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is entering its final phase, and a critical vote on Southern self-determination looms, but foundations for a constructive post-referendum relationship are yet to be laid. In addition to a handfu…

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