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The Road to Marrakech: Key Issues for COP22 / La Voie vers Marrakech : Quelles Priorités pour la COP22 ?

Climatic change became an increasingly integral part of our reality. Global warming - over the coming decades, will affect our socio-economic development, human health, food security and availability of water along with our ecosystems and wildlife,…

Emissions de Dioxyde de Carbone et Croissance Economique au Maroc : Une Analyse de la Courbe Environnementale de Kuznets / Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth of Morocco: An Analysis of the Curve Environmental Kuznets

In a global context there is growing concern about climate change. Understanding the impact of economic growth on the environment becomes crucial, especially for developing countries. This paper addresses this issue through the prism of carbon dioxi…

Découplage entre Croissance économique et émissions de Dioxyde de carbone dans le Monde / Decoupling economic growth from CO2 emissions in the world

This document is also available in English: Decoupling economic growth from CO2 emissions in the world. The progressive warming of Earth suggests an important danger for future populations. As stabilizing the level of greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the…

Zambie: Panorama Politique, Défis et Opportunités / Zambia: Political Overview, Challenges and Opportunities

Hard hit by the Covid-19 health crisis, the already weakened Republic of Zambia, is facing numerous political, economic, social and climatic challenges. In addition to its geographical position as a landlocked country, the southern African country i…

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