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Societies Caught in the Conflict Trap Regional Research Findings Chad, Central African Republic, Sudan and South Sudan

Shared conflict drivers characterizes the regions of Sudan, South Sudan, Chad and CAR and this spills over the countries’ porous borders. All of these countries are registered members of the African Union. Chad and Central African Republic belong to…

South Sudan: Compounding Instability in Unity State

"Given its history, resources, ethno-political significance and location – at once both strategic and isolated – Unity state is today a territory of unique importance and complexity. Instability must be considered in light of the complicated histor…

Burundi Elections Without Competition and no Peace Without Participation: Where Might it Go from Here?

"This policy brief aims to discuss the current situation in Burundi. Topics under consideration in this brief include: reactions to the communal elections; how did we get here; possible future scenarios, including a return to rebellion,maintenance …

The DRC Diplomatic Flurry: Quo Vadis?

"Diplomatic efforts to resolve the seven-month rebellion in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continue apace. What are the various efforts and what have they achieved? What are the lessons from all the activity? Diplomatic initiatives were ste…

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