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Poverty and Human Development Report 2007

"Analysis begins with examination of the most recent data for the national set of indicators used to monitor Tanzania's National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty. The three major clusters of desired outcomes of poverty reduction: growth,…

Mkukuta Cluster II: Improvement of Quality of Life and Social Well Being

"The two broad outcomes for the second cluster of MKUKUTA are: Improved quality of life and social well being, with particular focus on the poorest and most vulnerable groups. Reduced inequalities (e.g.education, survival, health) across geographic,…

The Impact of Land Restitution and Land Reform on Livelihoods

"This thematic paper investigates emerging trends evident in the limited literature available on the impact of land restitution on livelihoods, and suggests ways of thinking about, and planning for, livelihoods. The paper has a two-fold emphasis: i…

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