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Promoting School Choice for the Poor Practical Ideas from International Experience: A conversation among Experts

"CDE’s report generated great interest, both in government and the private sector. It confirmed that private schools in South Africa do not only serve the rich. Low-fee private schools are growing rapidly because they offer poor parents viable alte…

Balancing Act Assessing the Quality and Financial Viability of Low-fee Independent Schools

Low-fee independent schools (LFIS) are a growing phenomenon in South Africa. In many parts of the country, they offer an alternative choice of education to poor communities, they address the lack of public schools, offer access to better quality le…

Is Nigeria on Track to Achieving Quality Education for All? Drivers and Implications

This study examines the dimensions and drivers of exclusion in basic education in Nigeria using the Demographic Health Surveys of 2008 and 2013. It also maps the synergies and trade-offs between education and other relevant Sustainable Development G…

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