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Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) & SDG7 in Puntland

The global development scene continues to experience huge challenges among them extreme poverty; inequality and injustice; and a changing climate that threatens all humanity whether in developed or less developed countries. Faced with this reality, …

Somalia-Somaliland: The Perils of Delaying New Talks

This report looks at how and why the dispute between Somalia and Somaliland heated up – and then cooled down – over the last two years. It then makes the case for renewed talks between the parties, suggesting ways of making those discussions as prod…

Overlapping Claims by Somaliland and Puntland: The Case of Sool and Sanaag

Over the past two years, tensions over competing claims to the Sool and Sanaag regions by the self-declared entity of Somaliland and the autonomous Puntland State of Somalia have escalated. Local, regional and national contestations, combined with a…

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