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The ZIPAR Quarterly: Issue 9

The cover story is on the widely debated re-establishment of a national airline. The former national airline graced the skies for the last time more than two decades ago before it was grounded due to various reasons among them financial mismanagemen…

The ZIPAR Quarterly Issue 1

"This quarterly newsletter takes a look at tax evasion still being a challenge in Zambia, enhancing export performance in Zambia and innovative ways of bridging the financial gap for the poor. The cover story "Lusaka needs Public Transport Reforms"…

Trip Modeling and Cost Analysis for Public Road Transport System for the City of Lusaka

"The increase in the use of private motor vehicles for routine travel within the City of Lusaka suggests weakness in the Public Transport (PT) system. The current PT fares are unsustainably high and service levels undesirable. This largely owes to t…

Optimization Study for Core Road Network Planning to Link Zambia

"This report presents an assessment of the importance of different road sections and corridors (“projects”) prioritized based on transportation efficiency, accessibility and socio-economic characteristics. The Zambian road network is undergoing sign…

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