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Les Camerounais, conscients de leur rôle dans la lutte contre la corruption, hésitent à s’y engager / The Cameroonians, aware of their role in the fight against corruption, hesitate to engage in it

As in most African countries, corruption is an obstacle in the development of Cameroon. The state has put numerous procedures in place to curb the progress of corruption. Despite this process, Cameroon's ranking in the Corruption Perception Index of…

A Window on Policy Priorities Evidence from the Citizens of 34 African Countries

"The post-2015 sustainable development discourse has emphasized the need for a more inclusive and participatory policy framework projecting the voices of the people in policy-making and implementation processes. Some commentators have argued that wh…

COVID-19 Lockdown in South Africa Highlights Unequal Access to Services

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented pressures on governments, economies, and families, posing what many observers consider the largest global peace-time challenge since the Great Depression a century ago. In South Africa, the government m…

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