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Business and democracy: Cohabitation or contradiction?

"In summary, the technical keys to improving the public service are appropriate and specific goals, accurate monitoring, and effective accountability. Attending to business processes and human resources play vital roles in achieving these three g...

Public Service Delivery in a Democratic, Developmental State

"This paper focuses on the notion of service delivery by the public service in a democratic developmental state. The public service in a democratic developmental state essentially focuses not only on the delivery of services, but it is also crucia...

Citizen’s Satisfaction with Public Services and Willingness to pay Taxes in Tanzania

This policy brief tests the link between citizen’s satisfaction with public services delivery and willingness to pay taxes in Tanzania using cross sectional surveys data in Lindi, Mtwara and Dar es Salaam regions. The finding shows an associatio...

Better but not Good Enough? How Africans see the Delivery of Public Services

Africa has long been characterized as a continent of strong societies and weak states. This image suggests that, compared to an informal sector rich in networks of self-help, mutual aid, and private entrepreneurship, public sector institutions are...

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