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Harnessing Investment in Tanzania's Agricultural Sector for Inclusive Growth: Where to From Here?

This paper unpacks Tanzania’s investment laws and their impact on the development of the country’s agricultural sector. It discusses current government-led policies and initiatives that aim to stimulate growth in Tanzania’s agricultural sector whi...

Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Sustainable Natural Resources Exploitation in Africa: Lessons from Diamond Mining in Chiadzwa, Zimbabwe

"African countries are endowed with vast natural resources in general and mineral wealth in particular. Regrettably, most of the resource-rich countries in Africa face chronic shortages of financial capital, appropriate and advanced technologies a...

Public-Private Partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies for Policymakers 2017

Public-private partnerships (PPPs), i.e. private finance for public infrastructure, are now emerging as a viable source of infrastructure investment in developing countries. A successful PPP arrangement capitalises on the strengths of both the pri...

Towards Effective Public-Private Partnerships in Research and Innovation: A Perspective for African Science Granting Councils

In order to enhance the role of public-private partnerships in socio-economic development and in support of regional development agenda such as the STISA 2024, issues of public-private partnerships in research and innovation have been carefully ex...

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