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Is the Community Health Fund Better Than User Fees for Financing Public Health Care?

"Local institutions have huge potential for improving public health services if they can effectively manage the local delivery process and mobilize community contributions to complement the resources they receive from the government. Where councils …

Towards Improving Forced Migrant Access to Health and Psychosocial Rights in Urban South Africa - A Focus on Johannesburg

This issue brief is a quick reference guide regarding urban forced migrant access to their legally guaranteed health and psychosocial rights in Johannesburg. We focus on the urban as, in the South African context, forced migrants are mostly found …

Zimbabweans Support Taxation but Perceive Tax Officials as Corrupt, Demand Accountability

"This analysis shows that a majority of Zimbabweans regard the payment of taxes as an obligation of a “good citizen.” Similarly, they affirm the right of tax authorities to collect taxes, although they also express high levels of tolerance for non-p…

Coping with the Dual Effects of a Recession and a Pandemic: Safeguarding Lives and Livelihoods

This Social Sector budget brief explores the extent to which the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) will support Social Sector needs in the country in 2021. The brief analyses the size and composition of budget allocations to the social sect…

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