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The Ghanaian Economy: Annual Review 2013-2014 Theme: Ghana’s Public Financial Management

This annual report on the economy of Ghana for 2013-14 is a combined edition and devoted to Public Finance Management. The content comprises policies, legal frameworks, institutions, processes and mechanisms by which the public resources are manage…

Assessing Public Expenditure Governance in Uganda’s Health Sector: The case of Gulu, Kamuli, and Luweero Districts. Application of an Innovative Framework

"This research report is one of the policy analyses prepared by ACODE to assess the governance of public expenditure (hereafter, public expenditure governance or PEG) in Uganda’s health, road, education and agriculture sectors. The report is premis…

IEA Kenya Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018 Research, Informed Debate and Policy Innovation

This is the fourth Strategic Plan that was developed by the IEA Kenya and it continues the quest to consolidate the organization’s place as an open forum and research facility for topical policy discourse and development of innovative policy proposa…

Alignment of Legislation Impacting Public Finance Management (PFM) in Zimbabwe

This policy brief proposes a set of recommendations on the alignment of the legislation impacting Public Finance Management in Zimbabwe. According to the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Secretariat, public finance management e…

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