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SAIIA Southern Africa Record no 59 & 60

This record is on South Africa and the United Nations (UN), Zimbabwe, and South Africa - the Negotiation Process. Under South Africa and the UN there are two topics titled 'Policies of Apartheid of the Government of South Africa - Report of the Secr…

A Critical Assessment of Aid Management and Donor Harmonisation: The Case of Cameroon

"The aid harmonization process in Cameroon had a good start, even though it is subject to serious constraints linked to the weaknesses of the country’s strategies and institutions, which hinder the alignment on priorities, and national systems. But …

A Critical Assessment of Aid Management and Donor Harmonisation in Liberia: A Case Study

"This study is a critical assessment of how Liberia is implementing the desired mechanisms for improved effectiveness of aid. It seeks to determine how funds and knowledge are transmitted to Liberia and how recipients and donors are interacting in s…

Domestic Debt Management In Africa: The Case Of Malawi

"The study found that in Malawi there are clear procedures and legislations for issuing and management of domestic debt spelt out in the Public Finance Management Act of 2003. Since 2004, the government of Malawi has managed to achieve macroeconomic…

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