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Youth Political Engagement in South Africa: Beyond Student Protests

"Youth political engagement has again come into focus during ongoing nationwide “fallist” protests led by university students demanding change in South African higher education institutions. In January 2016, the Minister of Higher Education and Trai…

Does Less Engaged Mean Less Empowered? Political Participation Lags Among African Youth, Especially Women

"Engagement in the political process, an important avenue for citizen empowerment in democracies worldwide, is a critical component of the AU’s policy framework for youth empowerment in Africa. However, this analysis shows that African youth are gen…

#Hashtag: An Analysis of the #FeesMustFall Movement at South African Universities

"Student-led protests gained momentum in 2015/16 and spread across the country. The #FeesMustFall movement sparked heated debates on fee increases in universities. Other demands by students included the decolonisation of the educational system, tran…

Sudan's Popular Uprisings: Where South Sudan Stands

In April 2019, Sudanese protestors in Khartoum, the capital and other major towns, managed to push their country’s longest reigning dictator, Omer Hassen al-Bashir, out of power after 30 years of a brutal dictatorship. The fall of al-Bashir was a ca…

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