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Trade Policy, Protectionism and the Global Economic Crisis

"This discussion has been among a group of like-minded people who generally see the benefits of free trade. But that view is not necessarily widely held in the broader society, where protectionism attracts a lot of support. That’s why we need to ...

A Review of Methodological Approaches used to Analyse the Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Growth and Poverty in South Africa

"A critical review of the methodological approaches used to explore the impact of trade liberalisation in South Africa on growth and poverty in particular is preceded by a re-examination of key features of the theoretical debate on trade liberalis...

Cumulative Costs of Trade Protection in the South African Economy

"Trade protection appears to be a politically attractive policy tool because of a certain degree of asymmetric information in society: most voters appreciate the immediate gains for the protected industries and underestimate the costs for the econ...

The Future of Globalization

Despite the threat posed by protectionism, right-wing nationalism and left wing populism – there is not yet an end to globalization, but rather a continuation which is the most likely scenario and perhaps even acceleration, as the world catches up...

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