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Coût des Mauvaises Pratiques dans l’usage des Produits Chimiques dans le secteur Agricole / The Cost of Poor Practices in the Use of Chemicals in the Agricultural Sector

The improvement of the management of chemicals in Burkina Faso, remains a financial issue. According to this study, the subject by the SP/CONEDD (2013), the Burkinabè economy loses $ 15.1 billion (19.2% of GDP) every year, due to the use of pes...

Les Propositions Paysannes Pour une Réforme Foncière Senegalaise Garante d'un Developpement Agricole et Rurale Durable au Senegal / Proposals for Farmers Land Reform in Senegal - Guaranteeing Sustainable Agricultural and Rural Development

"The modernisation of our agriculture cannot be based on the agricultural entrepreneurship which is capital-based development. The exploitable land for agriculture in the broadest sense are, mostly occupied and operated by farmer families national...

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