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The State of Measurement & Reporting for Local Procurement in Mining in Africa

Governments in Africa are increasing local content regulations on mining that encourage or require local procurement of goods and services by investing companies. However, not all types of ‘local’ procurement are the same. Policies that support loca…

Local Procurement Regulations for Extractive Industries in the SADC Region

In both the mining and petroleum sectors in Africa, regulations requiring companies to procure goods and services locally have proliferated over the past decade. These regulatory approaches come in many forms, ranging from requirements for extractiv…

Public-Private Partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies for Policymakers 2017

PPPs for infrastructure involves the private sector in designing, building, financing and operating public infrastructure in sectors such as power generation, transportation, utilities, social infrastructure and government accommodation. Unlike priv…

Enhancing Industrial Productivity, Health Sector Performance and Policy Synergies for Local Health in Kenya and Tanzania

This presentation at the 12th Globelics International Conference in Addis Ababa held on the 29th - 31st October 2014 discusses the probability of improved health system performance by improving the local medicine and other health requirements while …

Local Procurement and Supply as Part of People-centred Care: Evidence from Kenya and Tanzania

This presentation at the Health Systems Global Symposium in Cape Town on the 1st-3rd October 2014 looks at local procurement aspects of medicine to improve the performance of the public health sector in Kenya and Tanzania.

Diagnostic on the Supply and Demand of Evaluators in Uganda, Benin and South Africa

The purpose of the diagnostic studies was to provide a demand and supply profile of evaluators in Uganda, Benin and South Africa. On the supply side, the main aims were to quantify the size and shape of the current country supply of evaluation con…

Getting Evidence Quicker: The Development of Rapid Evaluation in Selected African Countries

In a recent research study by Twende Mbele to assess the state of M&E culture in five participating governments, a question regarding the ‘[timeliness of] information provided to decision-makers’ was asked to more than 462 managers. On average 61% o…

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