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The Impact of Government Policy on Macroeconomic Variables: A Case Study of Private Investment in Tanzania

"The major hypothesis of the paper is that private sector investment is necessary if economic growth is to be accelerated. However, in order to stimulate such investments appropriate monetory, fiscal and exchange rate policies have to be formulated…

Private Sector Investment in Sierra Leone: An analysis of the Macroeconomic Determinants

Many developing countries experienced a downturn in economic growth in the early 1980s. In Africa, the growth rate of income per capita fell significantly following persistent decline in domestic investment. For Sierra Leone, private investment as…

Leveraging Private Sector Finance for Climate Compatible Development: Lessons from CDKN

This paper aims to provide a synopsis of some of the lessons that relate to harnessing private sector involvement in climate compatible development that have emerged from CDKN projects across Africa, Asia and Latin America. By sharing these lesson…

Accelerating South Africa's Infrastructure Programme: What is Holding us Back?

On 14 October 2021, CDE convened a workshop with leading people from the financial sector and senior government officials responsible for the state’s infrastructure drive. The government is committed to an infrastructure-led strategy to rejuvenate t…

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