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Determinants of Non-Mining Private Investment in Botswana

"The paper seeks to identify factors influencing and determinants of non-mining private investment in Botswana. It presents various studies conducted in other countries with modified assumptions to suit Botswana economy. It makes policy recommendati…

The Pitfalls of Private Sector Investment in Infrastructure Financing

The virtues of private sector financing in infrastructure development are widely promoted: it supports countries in bridging their infrastructure financing deficit, helps countries diversify their financing portfolio, brings projects online quicker,…

COVID-19 Implications on Private Investment and Markets in East Africa

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which started in China at the end of 2019, has spread across the world at an increasing rate. The disease gained recognition in the rest of the World in March 2020 and no continent has escaped the virus. As of 30th Ma…

COVID-19 Implications on Private Investment and Markets in East Africa: A Rapid Assessment

The COVID-19 pandemic coupled with government measures to contain it, has affected many economies and exposed the level of economic vulnerabilities across countries. This study uses macro- and firm-level data to examine the implications of COVID-19 …

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