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The Governance of Climate Finance in Africa, Asia and Latin America : Some Critical Reflections

"Climate finance,if democratically governed, can play an important role in assisting vulnerable peoples and communities to withstand and adapt to the impacts of climate change. As the climate finance regime is developing, this policy brief explo…

Mapping Current Trends in Infrastructure Financing in Low-Income Countries in Africa within the Context of the African Development Fund

This paper examines the role of the African Development Fund (ADF) in its efforts to support African low-income countries (LICs) in meeting their infrastructure financing needs. African LICs currently face tremendous infrastructure financing gaps, …

Promoting Private Financing for Sustainable Energy in Africa: The Role of the Africa Energy Guarantee Facility

The AU-EU partnership has evolved over the past few years. In line with the global development agenda, the EU has placed climate change and environmental sustainability at the heart of its development policies. The EU’s policies towards Africa are a…

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