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Back to the blackboard: Looking beyond universal primary education in Africa

"Education is the driving force behind any strong economy and a prerequisite for social and economic growth. It creates opportunities and provides societies with a better educated and skilled workforce which is necessary for stimulating developmen...

Scaling up Education Interventions in Kenya: The Importance of Institutions

Following the introduction of Free Primary Education in Kenya in 2003, there was concern that despite the increase in enrollment, the quality of the education provided was deficient, as indicated by the low pupils’ scores. The purpose of designin...

Community Involvement Improves Performance in Ugandan Primary Schools

Despite relative success in improving school access in Uganda since the mid-90s, learning outcomes at the national level remain poor, and challenges remain to achieve Universal Primary Education (UPE) – despite a noted increase in devoted resource...

Poverty and Social Impact Analysis Assessment: Universal Primary Education in Uganda: Equity in Opportunities and Human Capital Investment

This paper assesses the effectiveness and progressivity of Uganda’s Universal Primary Education program since it was first introduced in 1997, by examining factors driving primary school attendance, grade delay and drop out trends for children bet...

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