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Public-Private Partnerships in Sub-Saharan Africa: Case Studies for Policymakers 2017

Public-private partnerships (PPPs), i.e. private finance for public infrastructure, are now emerging as a viable source of infrastructure investment in developing countries. A successful PPP arrangement capitalises on the strengths of both the pri...

Achieving Development Goals with Renewable Energy : The Case of Tanzania

"Lack of reliable access to electricity is a significant barrier to economic development and job creation in Tanzania. Currently, only 14% of the population has access to electricity; in rural areas the electrification rate hovers around 2%. Power...

IPTL, Richmond and “Escrow”: The Price of Private Power Procurement in Tanzania

Framed as an “emergency” supplier to address an energy crisis in 1994-95, Independent Power Tanzania Ltd (IPTL) did not serve the national grid until 2002. It then became a permanent feature of the energy sector for the next 15 years. In the proc...

Off-Grid or 'off-on':Lack of Access, Unreliable Electricity Supply Still Plague Majority of Africans

Rolling blackouts may make headlines; a complete lack of electricity infrastructure usually doesn’t. Both are part of Africa’s electricity deficit, a major obstacle to human and socioeconomic development with pernicious effects on health (think of...

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