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Analysis of the Cost of Infrastructure Failures in a Developing Economy: The Case of the Electricity Sector in Nigeria

"Infrastructure has been identified as the key constraint to private sector development in Nigeria. Hence, this study analysed the cost of power outages to the business sector of the Nigerian economy using both a survey technique and revealed prefer…

Electricity Sub-Sector Brief

"This ZIPAR Quarterly pull-out presents quick insights on Zambia’s power crisis and the firm-level costs and provides a synopsis of the Electricity Sub-Sector Industry in Zambia."

Investment Climate Impact on Total Factor Productivity of Manufacturing Industries in Nigeria

This study examines the influence of the investment climate on the productivity of manufacturing industries in Nigeria. The study is conducted in two phases: in the first phase, an econometric production function for Nigerian manufacturing industrie…

The Productivity Cost of Power Outages for Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises in Senegal

This paper investigates the productivity effects of power outages on manufacturing Small Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Senegal, using a panel data on manufacturing firms. Productivity is estimated using stochastic frontier models, and power outages me…

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