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Poverty, Growth and Institutions

"The policy dilemma is that despite the economic growth and macroeconomic stability realized over the last decade, there is as yet no answer to pervasive poverty, nor is there sustained progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals. The …

The ZIPAR Quarterly: Issue 10

This Issue covers articles based on our Analysis of the 2020 National Budget Speech and other research outputs published and disseminated recently. It also brings to you some news on other happenings in the organization in the last few months. Our c…

ODA and Private Sector in Development Research

This study will examine the Official Development Assistance used to support the private sector investments and interventions in development in Uganda. Currently, there is limited body of evidence on the effects of blending on development results wh…

Rethinking Urban Poverty and Inequality in Post Covid-19: Some Pointers for Policy Consideration in Ghana

In Ghana, there is evidence to show that the distribution of food in order for people, especially low income people, to stay at home cannot be said to have been very successful as many of the intended beneficiaries claimed to have been left out. Con…

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