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La Situation des Enfants au Sénégal: Pauvreté, Vulnérabilités et Réponses Politiques / The Situation of Children in Senegal Regarding: Poverty, Vulnerabilities and Political Responses

This paper analyzed the way in which the fiscal and protection policies implemented in Senegal respond to the vulnerability and poverty of children. The available data on the physical situation of the latter provide evidence that many of them are ...

Monetary and Multidimensional Child Poverty: Why they Differ

We investigate the effect of parental education on the concordance/discordance between monetary and multidimensional child poverty. First, in a simple model of parental investment in child outcomes, we demonstrate that the misalignment between ...

Situation Analysis of Child Poverty and Deprivation in Uganda

Poverty is different for children than for adults. This becomes very clear when we listen to children themselves talking about their experiences of poverty. The importance of effectively measuring child poverty is underlined by the fact that its ...

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