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Gender Justice in Post Conflict Countries in East, Central and Southern Africa

"The articles in this magazine offer fresh and analytical perspectives on topics ranging from the role of women in the Inter-Congolese peace process to the gender justice dimensions of the conflict in Darfur. New opportunities are explored as we con…

Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Peacebuilding

"The primary objective of this seminar was to bring together researchers, practitioners and policymakers to reflect critically upon the nature of current post-conflict reconstruction and peacebuilding efforts, assess the challenges of fostering peac…

Debates in Post-Conflict Development in Africa Lessons for Development Agencies

"Post-conflict societies face enormous challenges and international development agencies work in complex and volatile contexts. This brief has argued that in order to do justice to the role that international assistance could play in supporting deve…

Women in Post-Conflict Societies in Africa

The objective of the seminar was to discuss and identify concrete avenues for engendering reconstruction and peace processes in African societies emerging from conflict through a thorough and effective use of the Protocol to the African Charter on H…

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