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South Africa and Aid Effectiveness Lessons for SADPA as a Development Partner

"South Africa is an important actor in peacebuilding and post-conflict development and now wishes to deepen its engagement through the establishment of the South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA). However South Africa needs to be aware…

Debates in Post-Conflict Development in Africa Lessons for Development Agencies

"Post-conflict societies face enormous challenges and international development agencies work in complex and volatile contexts. This brief has argued that in order to do justice to the role that international assistance could play in supporting deve…

Informal Taxation in Post-Conflict Sierra Leone: Taxpayers’ Experiences and Perceptions

Citizens often pay a range of ‘taxes’ that differ substantially from statutory policies, in low-income and post-conflict countries and particularly in rural areas. These ‘informal taxes’, paid to a variety of state and non-state actors, are frequent…

SA’s Post-Conflict Development and Peacebuilding Experiences in the DRC Lessons Learnt

"This policy brief analyses South Africa’s post-conflict development and peacebuilding engagements in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). It identifies lessons learnt that could inform the policy and programming development of the envisaged Sou…

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