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Bolstering Urbanization Efforts : Africa’s Approach to the New Urban Agenda Chapter 4

This book chapter discusses Africa’s New Urban Agenda. The question for African cities as they expand in population and economic importance is twofold: How to grow in ways that are both sustainable and inclusive? And, what forms of governance can en…

Land Constraints and Agricultural Intensification in Ethiopia A Village-level Analysis of High-Potential Areas

"Highland Ethiopia is one of the most densely populated regions of Africa and has long been associated with both Malthusian disasters and Boserupian agricultural intensification. This paper explores the race between these two countervailing forces, …

Poverty Environment and Livelihood along the Gradients of the Usambaras in Tanzania

"This study will provide some insights that will contribute towards bringing about a balance on the views of the relationships between poverty and the environment. But beyond this the juxtaposition of mountains and plains like that found in the Usam…

The Relationship Between Population and Socio-Economic Development

The unprecedented growth of population which is now taking place and which will accelerate in the coming years will be of increasing importance in International relations. This paper gives background to the problem as well as facts and forecasts whi…

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