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The Central African Crisis : From Predation to Stabilisation

"The current crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR) has sealed the fate of a state that depends on international aid and has long ceased to exist. Government has become little more than a patronage exercise, in which appointments to decisionm…

Assessing Long Term State Fragility in Africa : Prospects for 26 ‘more fragile’ Countries

This monograph propose that ten presently fragile states (Comoros, the CAR, the DRC, Guinea-Bissau, Madagascar, the Republic of Congo, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Togo) will continue to experience poor governance, chronic poverty, potentially wi…

Nature versus Human Contrivance: Advancing the Centrality of Poor Governance to Irregular Migration in Africa

One of the greatest security concerns confronting the global community in recent times is irregular migration. Not only does this trigger trans-border crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, and the resurgence of slavery; it is also the major c…

How to Play a Role in Zimbabwe

This monograph unpacks components of the set trajectory in each narrative and exposes strengths and weaknesses, which have their own particularities that vary from country to country. For example, in Zimbabwe the illegitimacy narrative, at least as …

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