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Ramaphosa à la Tête de l’ANC: Une Cohabitation qui ne Dit pas son Nom / Ramaphosa at the helm of the ANC: A cloaked cohabitation

Cyril Ramaphosa outpassed Dlamini Zuma in the elections for replacing Jacob Zuma at the head of the ANC. Yet, his victory does not allow him to enjoy a huge success given the short gap he has recorded against the Dlamini Zuma but also given the bala…

20 Years of Rule: 20 Years of Consolidatio20 Ans de Règne: 20 Ans de Consolidation d’une Politique étrangère Indépendante et Diversifiée n of an Independent and Diversified Foreign Policy /

By integrating the AU, Morocco has brought its experience and expertise to many thematic or transversal topics. In addition to the issue of Migration and the African Observatory on Migration, the Kingdom has contributed to the negotiations and the e…

Quel Partenaire Allemand pour l’Afrique ? Le Continent Face au gouvernement Scholz / Which German Partner for Africa? The Continent Facing the Scholz Government

In a country as stable as Germany, changes of Chancellor are a rarity. Angela Merkel stayed in power for sixteen years, as did Helmut Kohl in his time. The new three-party coalition (Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals) intends to shake up the countr…

La Politique Étrangère de la République Démocratique du Congo Sous la Présidence Tshisekedi : Entre Ambition de Refonte et Volontarisme Diplomatique / The Democratic Republic of Congo's Foreign Policy under President Tshisekedi: Between Ambition for Refor

President Tshisekedi embarked on a significant overhaul of the Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) foreign policy and objectives in 2019. This policy shift stands out for the notable international and continental activism, enabling the DRC to put a…

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