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Evaluation des Politiques et Institutions du Pays Une analyse Dynamique de 2011 à 2013 / Country Policy and Institutions Assessment (CPIA) 2011 to 2013

The fulfillment of the evaluation exercise of the policies and institutions of the country, more known under the English acronym “Country Policy and Institutions Assessment (CIAP)” fit more in practice as a highlight in the management process of the…

Analyse de lʼinteraction des Politiques Budgétaire et Monétaire au sein de lʼUnion Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine /Analysis of the Budgetary and Monetary Policy Interaction within the West African Economic and Monetary Union

This article analyzed the coordination of fiscal and monetary policies within the UEMOA. The analysis of the evolution of budget deficits and public debt shows that there is some form of coordination reinforced by the implementation of the Stability…

Conception et Programmation Budgetaire au Cameroun: Un Levier de Politique D’Import-Substitution Pour La SND30 / Budget Design and Programming in Cameroon: An Import-substitution Policy Instrument for the SND30

This brief analysis attempts to grasp the problem of the quest for the efficiency of State budget from the outset, from the conceptual and strategic level. Thus, the circular on the preparation and development of State budget, which can be considere…

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