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Electoral System Reform, Democracy and Stability in the SADC Region: A Comparative Analysis

"The discussion begins with a fairly comprehensive survey of electoral democracy in the region with special reference to the selected countries. Section 2 chronicles the workings of various electoral systems in these countries and their impact on de…

The Question of Youth Participation in Peacebuilding Processes in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria

"The available body of literature addressing the roles of young people in armed conflict provides evidence of extensive child and youth involvement in warfare. For instance, Ukiwo (2003) draws attention to the role of young people as key actors in t…

Economic And Social Policies Of Dynamic Southeast Asian Countries: How Applicable are They To Ghana and Africa?

"This paper discusses some of the successful social and economic policies . adopted by the dynamic Southeast Asian countries that could be applied to the Ghanaian and African contexts. The analysis focuses on five main dynamic ASEAN countries: In…

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