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Elephants, Ants and Superpowers: Nigeria’s Relations with China

"This paper considers economic and political relations between China and Nigeria.The paper first sketches the post-independence history of their bilateral relations, charting a progression from indifference and even hostility in the early years, to …

South Africa and Taiwan: A diplomatic dilemma worth noting

This paper focuses on the relations between Taiwan and South Africa. Diplomatic links were maintained since 1949 although these links were not particularly close as South Africa did not want to give China an excuse to increase its support to resista…

Taming the Dragon? Defining Africa's Interests at the Forum on China Africa Co-operation (FOCAC)

The policy seminar examined systematically how Africa’s 53 states define and articulate their geo-strategic interests and policies for engaging China within FOCAC. Beijing has a structured long-term view of engaging Africa at FOCAC, but Africa is ye…

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