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Somalia: Have All the Options Run Out?

"This paper examines the attempts at the restoration of peace and security in Somalia, which is critical to the establishment and maintenance of stability in the region. Unless there is genuine political will and sustained engagement from the region…

Reconciliation in Kenya: Partisan Differences and Common Ground

After a tense election period, a government crackdown on opposition supporters, and months of uncertainty, the leaders of Kenya’s two major political coalitions came together in March to announce an end to their bitter fight (Wanga, 2018). With th…

A Cosmetic End to Madagascar's Crisis?

"Madagascar is a divided, impoverished, broken democracy that has suffered a “cyclical pattern from crisis to crisis, but the period in between each appears to be getting shorter”. Its latest crisis has proven particularly intense, drawn-out and dam…

A New Approach for the UN to Stabilise the DR Congo

The Security Council is seeking new ways to stabilise the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with an eye to drawing down the long-running UN peace operation there. In parallel, Congolese President Félix Tshisekedi wants to strike a new security agr…

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