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Political leaders in Africa: Presidents, Patrons or Profiteers?

"The perception is that African leaders rule failed states that have acquired tags such as “corruptocracies”, “chaosocracies” or “terrorocracies”. Perspectives on political leadership in Africa vary from the “criminalisation” of the state to politic…

Leadership, ‘Political Comebacks’ and Succession in Southern Africa - Abstracts

"Cheryl Hendricks introduced the topic of debate by stating that the question of leadership has increasingly become critical in Africa especially with the advent of the ‘new wave of democratization.’ She observed that the first generation leaders em…

Managing Intra-Party and Inter-Party Conflict in Lesotho: Training manual

"This manual is meant to ensure that political parties in Lesotho are well equipped with the necessary skills that will enable them to promote democracy effectively. It focuses on the following aspects of party functioning: Leadership qualities with…

Leadership in Rwanda's Economic Development

Managing for Development Results (MfDR) is a management strategy that focuses on using performance information to improve decision making. MfDR involves using practical tools for strategic planning, risk management, progress monitoring, and outcome …

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