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South Africa's 2004 Election The Quest for Democratic Consolidation

"This study is an evaluation of South Africa’s third democratic elections, the national and provincial elections of April 2004. More specifically, key technical aspects of the election including electoral administration, conflict resolution, politic…

Towards an Understanding of Contemporary Conflict in Zanzibar

"The paper has investigated the association between Zanzibar’s political conflicts and decisive elements such as the colonially framed political identities; the adversarial party relations and politically incompatible views/policies of parties;…

Dangerous Elites: Protest, Conflict and the Future of South Africa

The African National Congress’ failure to manage elite contestation within its ranks since 2007 has seen tensions spilling out, often as ‘service delivery’ protests. Former president Jacob Zuma tried to bring this under control, largely through patr…

Conflict Dynamics in Ethiopia: 2019-2020

Ethiopia’s 2018 political reforms were widely hailed for liberalising the country’s restricted political landscape. However, it did not take long for the transition to become mired in inter-ethnic and communal clashes. This report examines the drive…

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