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Western Sahara: Understanding the Roots of the Conflict and Suggesting a Way Out

"This Situation Report is based on the proceedings of a roundtable seminar. Written papers were submitted which was based on the verbal interventions, organised around three main themes. The contributions were published without any changes. There ar…

When Politics darkens the Independence of South African Justice

The decision of the South African High Court on June 15, 2017, ordering to seize the Moroccan phosphate cargo destined for New Zealand and to take the case to trial, has been considered by OCP and the Moroccan Government as an indignation and a law …

2019 Secretary-General Report on Sahara: What’s New - ‘Neighbouring States as Parties’ in Roundtable

Few weeks ago, I gained the chance of reading the UN Security Council resolution 2468 of 30 April on MINURSO, and was surprised by the frequently repeated expression of “Morocco, the Frente Polisario, Algeria, and Mauritania”, instead of the previou…

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