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SECURE Health News, Issue 2, Feb - July 2015

SECURE Health draws attention to research non-use at a Health Scientific Conference in Kenya. It talks of evidence-informed policymaking training for technocrats in the ministries of health and parliaments in Kenya and Malawi. Other topics discuss...

SECURE Health News, Issue 3, August - December 2015

In this issue of Secure Health news topics of discussion includes: "SECURE Health Programme covers mid-term of successful implementation" highlighting the success of the programme, "Kenyan policymakers and experts deliberate on key public health i...

Report of the Research Uptake Symposium and Training Exchange (ResUp MeetUp)

"The ResUp MeetUp (Research Uptake)community is designed to help research uptake and communication professionals keep up-to-date with this rapidly evolving field. The African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP), the Institute of Development ...

Election 2004 and the Policy Challenge of the NPP Government

"Election 2004 has come and gone. The conduct was transparent and the outcome peaceful. The euphoria and the celebrations have ended and the furor over results subsided. The process of forming the new Government is now seriously under way. The tim...

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