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The Impact of China-Africa Aid Relations: The Case of Angola

"The primary purpose of this research project is to undertake a comprehensive analysis of the key features and patterns of the past, current and future evolution of the economic relations between China and African countries. The study allows a more …

The Impact of China-Africa Investment Relations: The Case of Nigeria

"The study covers the period 1997-2007. The main objective is to analyze the economic relations between China and Nigeria in the area of foreign direct investment (FDI). Attempts to compromise the benefits of FDI should be persistently resisted by …

The Impact of China-Africa Trade Relations: The Case of Mauritius

"This policy brief aims to provide an in-depth analysis of China-Mauritius trade relations and their impacts on the Mauritian economy. The accumulated evidence suggests that while the resource-abundant countries of sub-Saharan Africa will benefit fr…

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