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Political Parties and Democratic Governance in South Africa

"This report will focus on the six most popular of these organizations, namely: the ruling party ANC, its principal opponent the DA, the IFP, the UDM, Independent Democrats, and the African Christian Democratic Party. The report compares the ways …

Parties and Political Development in Tanzania

"This report presents findings from a study conducted in Tanzania for the EISA project on ‘Strengthening democracy through dialogue with parties.’ The overall aims of this project are to examine the functioning and regulation of parties in Tanzania …

Democratising Regional Integration in Southern Africa: SADC National Committees as Platforms for Participatory Policy Making

"This research examines public participation and democratisation in SADC by investigating SADC National Committees (SNCs) as institutions that support regional participatory policy development. Since the 2001 amended SADC Treaty introduced SNCs, lit…

Rethinking South Africa's Development Path: Reflections on the ANC's Policy Conference Discussion Documents

"This publication is a critique of the set of discussion documents released by the African National Congress [ANC] in preparation for its Policy Conference at the end of June and its Congress in December 2007. The purpose of the publication is to fa…

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