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Conflict Trends Issue 2 2015

In ‘Contributing to Africa’s Peacekeeping Capacity: 20 Years of Training for Peace in Africa’ since the early 1990s, the focus of the United Nations’ (UN) peacemaking and peacekeeping efforts has largely been directed to Africa. In the beginning, th…

Developing Policies for Biodiversity Informatics in sub-Saharan Africa

"In Africa, biodiversity provides a fundamental role in economic livelihood and societal wellbeing. Africa boasts of a sizeable proportion of the world’s natural resources and biodiversity, yet this fundamental natural asset upon which life depend…

Innovative Practices and Policies for Promoting Biodiversity Informatics in Sub-Saharan Africa

"A Major challenge for the emerging field of biodiversity information is to develop infrastructure that allows the effective coordination of available data and information and knowledge on Earth's biological diversity to address issues relating to t…

Political Parties and Democracy in Mauritius

"The main objectives of this study were to analyze the internal functioning of political parties and to understand how the external regulatory framework impacts on democratic political culture in Mauritius. The study demonstrates that the major poli…

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