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Stories of Torture Survivors Who Sought Redress in Post-apartheid South Africa

The report looks only at experiences of torture amongst young black males in South Africa who have brought civil claims against police through court processes. It looks at all the steps and challenges that torture victims encounter in seeking justi…

Torture in South Africa: The Act and the Facts

"Torture is a specific crime, which can only be committed by a closed group of people, namely public officials in their official capacity or by anyone else with consent of a public official acting in their official capacity. A public official who wi…

Analysis of Existing Data on Torture in South Africa with Specific Focus on Annual Reports Published by IPID and JICS

The practice of torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment (CIDT) remains a major human rights violation in post-apartheid South Africa. Currently, there is little information on patterns and trends of torture in South Africa. This research…

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