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A.P.P.A. is born: A Commentary

"The following commentary is on the 'Resolution of Lagos' unanimously adopted and the Communique issued at the end of the inaugural conference, they will be viewed in the context of the international political economy of the hydrocarbon industry. Fu…

Prepare to Appropriate "Associated Gas": Lessons from Ecuador to Uganda

This Policy Brief underlines the problem of gas flaring in the petroleum sector, and draws important lessons from Ecuador for Uganda in the conversion of waste to wealth. The oil industry is associated with greenhouse gas emissions through AG fla…

Petro Factbook 2018

This booklet contains facts about the Tanzania petroleum industry and can be a useful source of information about the gas extraction and other petroleum related activities. The book gives an overall presentation of the Energy sector and petroleum in…

A Boom for Whom? Mozambique's Natural Gas and the New Development Opportunity

"In the two decades since the end of Mozambique’s civil war the country has depended heavily on international donors to fund its development. Although the economy grew at record rates from the mid-1990s, poverty levels remain above 50%. Mozambique h…

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