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Walking the Talk in the Workplace Strengthening and Scaling Up Sustainable Internal HIV and AIDS Responses for CSO Workplaces in Uganda

There is a necessity to bridge the gaps in knowledge on stigma awareness between managers and their staff. Managers should endeavour to discuss issues of HIV and AIDS with their staff on a regular basis in order to get such feedback. This can be ac…

South Africa Disability Legislation and Policy Gap Analysis

South Africa in ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol in 2007 assumed the obligation to take all appropriate legislative, administrative and other measures to implement the rights of persons…

Advancing Digital Inclusion for Persons with Disabilities in Africa

Persons with disabilities have unique needs and have for long been disadvantaged. Yet the more some African countries get digitally connected, the deeper the digital divide for this community seems to grow. Despite growth in Information and Communic…

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