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Social Safety Nets in Botswana Administration, Targetting and Sustainability

"In this publication, we make a comprehensive review of SSNs in Botswana to examine a number of issues relating to delivery, administration and effectiveness of the existing SSNs. Chapter 1 provides a detailed outline of the methodology.Chapter 2 pr…

Equitable Access to Water for People with Disabilities

Disability is a multi-faceted challenge to people’s development. It is both the cause and effect of developmental issues: people with disabilities are more likely than able people to be poor and those who are poor are more likely to be disabled. I…

Disability Rights during the Pandemic: A Global Report on Findings of the COVID-19 Disability Rights Monitor

This report has one central purpose: To raise the alarm globally as to the catastrophic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on persons with disabilities worldwide and to catalyse urgent action in the weeks and months to come. The report is organised aro…

The Big Governance Issues in Botswana: A Civil Society Submission to the African Peer Review Mechanism

Botswana is praised globally for its prudent economic management, good governance and multi-party democracy. Elections are held every five years, fundamental human rights and freedoms are protected, citizens have access to essential goods and servic…

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