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Conflict Trends Issue 3 2011

"Peacekeeping and peacebuilding initiatives have evolved, transformed and adapted to new realities, with the aim of providing more effective and sustainable responses to armed conflicts and the processes that follow the aftermath of these conflicts…

From Market for Force to Market for Peace Private Military and Security Companies in Peacekeeping Operations

"This monograph contributes to the debate on the use of private military and security companies (PMSCs). Its specific focus is on the proliferation of these private actors in peacekeeping operations on the African continent. PMSCs, as distinct from …

Conflict Trends Issue 2 2013

In ‘The Gendered Impact of Conflict and Peacekeeping in Africa’ patterns of violent conflict and war are changing in Africa and one of the reasons for this may be improved and more robust peacekeeping operations. It is important to rethink what conf…

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