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HIV and AIDS and the African Military Towards a Common and Comprehensive Approach

"The Security Sector Governance (SSG) Programme hosts a number of projects including MilAIDS, which focuses on the mitigation of the impact of HIV and AIDS on armed forces in Africa. The purpose of the project is to inform and support the developme…

Training to Protect Civilians: Recent Developments and Recommendations

"Protection of Civilians has become one of the most important aspects of the mandates of peacekeeping operations. More recently, both the United Nations and the African Union have been engaged in strengthening their roles in addressing protection n…

A Tale of Two Councils: Strengthening AU-UN Cooperation

The growing distance between the PSC and the Security Council serves neither body and inhibits each in its efforts to advance peace and security in Africa. This report explores the roots of this trend. It then recommends a series of modest steps tha…

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